Monday, June 12, 2017

Fanime Haul 2017

[Fanime 2017 Haul]

I told you my FanimeCon Haul was coming! And here it is! I'll go through details and highlights in this post of everything I bought! If applicable and available, links to the shops and/or artists will be clickable through their names or their shop names if you'd like to purchase anything you see for yourself.
[Eeveelution print by Peppertea]

I bought very few things the first day. I started this new method for shopping at cons this year. I like to try to see everything on the first day and just take note of what I want. The second day, after I've had a chance to sleep on it, I go back and actually make the purchases. This helps with impulse buying, which is not always a bad thing, but can also drain your finances quick! It also helps me prioritize what I really want and after it's all said and done I end up with more meaningful items, and my collections look a lot more complete! However, I passed by Peppertea's booth on the first day and HAD TO HAVE this Eevee print! It is the best Eeveelution print I have ever found!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

FanimeCon 2017 - Part 2

Before I continue with Part 2 of my Fanime 2017 experience, I'd like to share what I did before the con on Day 3- Our AirBnB was literally right next to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum! We could literally see it from the driveway behind the house. National Geographic filmed an x-ray of a mummy here. If you're in the area, I highly suggest checking out this place! It's very interesting!

So, now, on with the con! I split up my entries, since all my blog posts tend to be pic-heavy! This way the entries are shorter and quicker to load!
[the San Jose Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum]
[at FanimeCon 2017]

Day 3, May-28, Sunday, was my Miku cosplay day! I love being Miku! I always feel cute and like a star! She's so cute to embody!
[one of the main artist of the con: Finni Chang]

Day 2 was *Purchase Day* for me! I did the bulk of my buying that day and most of it was in Artist Alley, as usual. I basically scouted out the con for what I wanted on Day 1 and then made the actual purchases on Day 2. Above you can see myself with artist, Finni Chang, who did a lot of the artwork for the con! I bought her prints that she made just for the con! She was very humble!

*I'll be posting my Fanime haul in a separate post very soon! Stay tuned! It is of course pic-heavy, so I want to keep it separate!
[with the Super Cue mascot]

I took a picture with the Super Cue guy in the Dealer's Hall, where all the food was. No, I didn't eat anything from there! I just thought it would be cute to take a picture with him.
[drinks at the Marriott connected to the San Jose Convention Center]

I did have a few drinks before heading back into the Artist Alley though. This is also at the Marriott in the San Jose Convention Center.
[cosplayer as Lieutenant Uhura]

This lovely woman stopped me in Artist Alley for my picture! Of course, I had to get one of her! She was an amazing tribute to Lieutenant Uhura and I think Nichelle Nichols would be proud!
This guy also stopped me for my photo and I couldn't resist! I think when there are 2 kawaii people together then you have to take a pic!
[in front of Alagaesha Art's booth]

At this point, my friend, Heather, was pretty sick, but she was such a trooper! She hung in there and she sold that art and all those pins! I was so proud of her! (The guy in the back is her friend, Mike.)
On my way out of the con, this little girl stopped me for a pic! I actually had quite a few children stop me for pics throughout the day. It was an amazing feeling to know they felt like I represented Hatsune Miku so well!
[cosplayer as Jedi Princess Tiana]

As I was walking down the street, I saw this beautiful lady as Princess Tiana in Jedi form! Absolutely brilliant! She and her whole group were really nice!

Well, that sums up my Fanime 2017 con! I was only at the convention for maybe an hour or so on the final day, Monday, and I did not cosplay or have any pictures. I just made some final purchases, said "goodbye" to Heather, and left. Feel free to check out my instagram @thebunnie where I have more pictures from the con posted!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

FanimeCon 2017 - Part 1

As always, I'm super behind on blog entries! Although, FanimeCon 2017 was just a couple of weeks ago, so I'm not too late with that! I just wanted to share my experience! This was my third time attending the con and like the previous years I attended, it was held at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. This year, they had some thing new- "Clockwork Alchemy", which was an extension of the regular FanimeCon. It was a steampunk-based extension. Although we had the 4 day pass to the convention and that included access to Clockwork Alchemy, we did not enter this part of the con at all. So, feel free to leave comments if you attended and let me know how that was!

Fanime was held May 26-29, Friday-Monday, of Memorial Weekend. My partner, Agent Afronaut, was who I attended the con with and he was in training in Texas up until Friday! So, we drove down Friday and did not get to go the con at all.
[waiting for our friend Heather in the Marriott Hotel lobby]

I must say, he was a trooper though! He flew in and we still managed to get down there to San Jose from San Francisco, and enjoy time with our friend Heather!
[drinks at Gordon Biersch]

We went out to Gordon Biersch that night. The food was okay. I have to say, the drinks were nice, but the food was just "okay". I feel like there are way better places to eat in San Jose and if you're visiting the city, you definitely need to look at better places!
[at FanimeCon 2017 as Glitter Breeze]

Day 2, Saturday, was the day I actually attended the con for the first time. I had a new cosplay on! I was Glitter Breeze, aka Reika Aoki, from Pre Cure or Glitter Force.
[with Piplup]

First thing I did was head to Artist Alley to see my friend Heather and along the way I ran into Piplup (from Pokemon)! Too cute! Penguins are a favorite of mine, so I do have a soft spot for Piplup and we matched! Couldn't have planned that better if I tried! This was my first time ever encountering a Piplup cosplayer at a con too!
[Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast]

So, Heather and I decided we needed coffee! As I was walking to get in line at the Marriott, I saw a beautiful Belle cosplayer! Her dress was on point! She said her friend made and I must say, her friend did an excellent job! But she really pulled it off with her simplistic beauty!
[with a Garnet cosplayer]

I found the best Garnet cosplayer I have ever spotted at a con! I didn't get her info or the deets on her cosplay, but she looked the part, for sure!
[with Jada]

Later, I ran into my friend, Jada, who was there covering the con for the online blog she works for. We had some drinks. It's really nice that the Marriott is connected to the San Jose Convention Center and that they have a bar, if you're old enough to partake in that sort of thing!
[with Allysse as Purple Heart from Hyperdimension]

I first ran into this lady last year at Fanime. She was also wearing her Purple Heart cosplay then. I think this cosplay was just meant for her! She looks perfect! It was really great to see Allysse again this year.
[leaving FanimeCon]

At that was all I have for Day 2 of FanimeCon 2017! I will be uploading pictures from Day 3, as well as my haul from Fanime! If you were there please leave your comments about the con below and if we have a picture together, please send it to me at!
[with Heather in San Pedro Square Market]

Oh, but I did have dinner with Heather at The Old Spaghetti Factory in San Pedro Square Market that night! I highly recommend visiting and eating in San Pedro Square if you're ever in San Jose!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

SacAnime 2017

Well, like the last couple of years, SacAnime Winter kicked off my "con" season! As always, it was held in Sacramento, California at the Sacramento Convention Center.
[Day 2 - Hatsune Miku Cosplay]

Day 1 was quite simple for me. I arrived in the afternoon with my partner, aka Agent Afronaut! We just took in the convention. We walked around, we visited some friends, and saw the overview of the whole layout and con.

Day 2 was the day I cosplayed! I took a shot at being Hatsune Miku of Vocaloid again! Since I had only cosplayed her once (last year at Fanime 2016) and it was for a very short-while, I thought I should cosplay her for a full day! 


I had major wig problems that morning! We all know that long synthetic wigs tangle easily, but I had mine well secured during travel. Or so I thought. It was nothing but a mess! I didn't want to waste all morning trying to fix it and what I was doing wasn't really helping. So, I just cut it. #ShortHairDontCare! It is what it is! The show had to go on! So, as you can see in the picture above, I had short hair and just worked it like it was!
[with a Totoro cosplayer]

I met a lot of really great people while at SacAnime! The friendly environment is my favorite aspect of SacAnime. It's honestly what keeps me coming back! Everyone from the staff, to the vendors and artists, as well as the attendees are just so nice! SacAnime really does create a safe, friendly, and positive environment for fans and nerds!
[myself with a young Miku]

I was stopped by this adorable girl who was also cosplaying Miku! Of course I had to take a picture with her! How sweet! And she had her wig game straight! LoL!
[with Agent Afronaut on the Day 3]

Day 3 - I didn't cosplay, because I had planned to leave the con a little early to get home before the evening. Well, I'm super glad I didn't! It was a very windy and very rainy day! I'm sure just about anything I would have worn would have been wet and possibly ruined!

We arrived early that day, before the doors of the showroom opened and before any events started! I can't remember the last time we were early for a convention! that I think about it, we were early on the last day of SDCC 2017. Before that though, I can't remember another time!
[Melody Wang of Morigalaxy]

As always, my artist-friend, Melody Wang, was in attendance with her new line of merchandise under her new brand name: Morigalaxy! I picked up charms and prints! (I plan to do a SacAnime haul post soon!)
[with a mermaid from Sacramento Mermaids]

I don't know how I didn't see this booth the first 2 days, but I passed it before I left the third day and was able to take a photo with a MERMAID! It was a sponsor for the Sacramento Mermaids company, but I've never had my picture taken with a mermaid at any event before! It was a cool experience and she was super nice!
[with a Hatsune Miku cosplayer]

Well, I took some pictures with cosplayers before heading out. Like I said before, it was a great con! I'm not sure if I'll be back for SacAnime summer, but I'm definitely going to try! If I do go, I hopefully will be cosplaying!

Like I said in my previous post- up next for me is WonderCon in April! I'll see you in Anaheim, California!

Monday, January 23, 2017


HAPPY NEW YEAR! How is 2017 treating you? I'm sure you might have wondered where I have been for the last 5 months! Well, long story short- My job took over my life! I'm happy to report that I no longer work there! I'm currently, unemployed, but I'm kept busy by errands and other such things.  However, I do have more free time now and I think it is time to get back to something I love to do, and that's blogging about various things I care about!
I took this photo a bit after the new year, so yes, this is me in 2017 with my new Puppycat plush that I will do a review on later! I thought I would just say "hi" and let you know there are great blog entries to come! Also, I will be at WonderCon 2017 in April! If you're going to be there let's make sure we say hi!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Unboxing: Marvel's Collector Corps - July Box

Well, I know it's been a few months since the last post, but I'm not gone forever! Just had an extremely busy summer! Time to play catch up!
[Collector Corps August 2016 box - Spider-Man]

Today I'm doing an unboxing of the Collector Corps August 2016 box. The theme was Spider-Man. Can you tell? LoL! I know I'm a bit behind, as I am missing the previous 3 months boxes, but I'm on time with this one! I received this a few days ago and I'm sharing the contents.
[The pin and patch from the August 2016 Collector Corps box.]

As always, when the box is opened the pin and patch are revealed on top. Since the theme was Spider-Man they obviously made both the pin and patch this month in honor of Spider-Man. The pin has the Spider-Man symbol and the patch has Spider-Man's face. They're both very simple, but straight to the point.
[Contents of the August 2016 Collector Corps Box]

As always, when the top of the box is lifted, the rest of the contents are revealed. The first thing I noticed- no shirt. This would be the second time that Collector Corps has not given us a shirt. The first time being in the December 2015 box (Guardians of the Galaxy) where they provided a scarf instead of a shirt.
[Marvel Amazing Spider-Man #16 - Collector Corps Variant]

The comic provided this time was issue #16 of "The Amazing Spider-Man", which I am not a collector of, but the cover is cute and features a Funko Pop! version of Spider-Man. Also to be noted- we normally receive the #1 issue of a comic in the box, however this time they sent an comic several issues into the series. I'm not bothered either way, as I don't read any of the comics they send.
[Inside the Collector Corps 2016 August Box]

Underneath the comic, are the 3 other pieces of the August box. They sent a Fabrikations of Spider-Man, a Spider-Man Funko Pop!, and a hat.
[Funko Fabrikations #32 - Spider-Man]

I have never been a fan of the Fabrikations series by Funko. I've never found one I had to have or was worth the money and the price tag is usually around $25. I will admit this is a super cute Spider-Man though! He's definitely a keeper to me and well made! This item alone is about the cost of the whole box!

[Funko Pop! #160 - Spider-Man]

The Pop! Figure they sent of Spider-Man is an exclusive to Collector Corps this month. He's cute and sits in his spider pose.
[Collector Corps Exclusive Spider-Man Hat]

The Amazing Spider-Man hat is the other exclusive of the month. I'm not a hat person and my partner who I share the boxes with is not a hat person either, so we're left with a hat that no one will use. I will say that we are both very impressed by the hat and it is well constructed! My partner actually really likes it, but I know he'll never wear it!

Overall, this box is definitely worth it! It is no longer available to buy, but if you ever go to a convention where Funko and Collector Corps are, you can purchase the box there! People always have them on eBay as well. The August box definitely was well over the $25 subscription fee and if you're a Spider-Man fan you need this!

Up Next: Dr.Strange - October 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

WonderCon 2016 Swag!

Well, what good would going to a con be if I couldn't brag about all the awesome merchandise I bought? Hmmm......? Yeah, thought so!
[#1-#5 of Damsels in Excess from Aspen Comics]

My Uncle Mushroom always says, "Lead big or stay home!" So, that's what I'm doing! The picture above is of the first 5 comics in the "Damsels In Excess" series from Aspen Comics. I have some already, but I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to have the creator, Vince Hernandez, sign them! I had no idea he was going to be at the booth at that time, but sometimes you just happen to be in the right place at the right time!
[original pieces by Heather Curfman]

From left to right:
  • Lapis from Steven Universe
  • Steven Universe buttons
  • Original art of birds
The above goodies are by Heather Curfman aka Alagaesha Art. I love her Lapis print! It's beautiful! It makes me want the original! The birds are adorable and I picked them up to send to a pen pal! (Yes, I'm always thinking of sharing my experiences with pen pals and I like to get mementos for them too!) The buttons are cute and check out the packaging! The packaging is brand new and Miss Heather has done a fabulous job over the last few months with stepping up her game!
[original art by Melody Wang]

I bought 2 prints from Melody Wang aka Chukairi! I had to get the bunnies! The small print of Hepburn is for a pen pal! I wanted to get more smaller prints to send to pen pals, but this was the only 1 she had that I thought looked artsy enough to send out.
[original greeting cards by Jackie Huang]

I was passing by a table and couldn't help but pick up these 2 greeting cards by Jackie Huang! How adorable! They are blank inside. I bought them to send to pen pals, but I am so tempted to keep them! 
[original fan art by Jessie Greenberg]

This particular print of Gwen and Cindy was actually spotted by Agent Afronaut! It's by Jessie Greenberg and when I saw it I had to have it! It's perfectly me! (This could be a hint to an up and coming cosplay........hehe!)
[Narwhal & Bunny Whale stickers by Rizzo Michelle]

There was a vendor there that I had never encountered at a con before. Her name is Rizzo Michelle and she had handmade plushies. Yes, I said handmade, as in she makes them herself! I was very interested in her own creation of "Whale Bunnies" that you can see on the stickers I purchased. My partner surprised me by buying a Narwhal plushy! His name is Herbie and he's my favorite mint color! So cute!
[posters and stickers by Bellzi]

I am a huge Bellzi fan! I have mentioned them in past blog posts and the Rainbow Narwhal featured in the poster above, I happen to OWN! So, I had to buy their posters and I picked up some sticker packs too! I was also hoping to win a giant version of the Rainbow Narwhal, but sadly, I did not.
[art by Kieu Le]

Not sure how we didn't spot this on Day 1, but we did see it Sunday! This is an inside thing between Agent Afronaut and myself, the whole "Bunny and Turtle" thing we say all the time, so we had to buy this print! Too cute! We almost didn't get the print signed, but just as we were about to leave the artist, Kieu Le, came back to the booth! She was super nice!
[Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury charms by Complexwish]

My streak of "no charm buying at cons" came to an end at WonderCon. Last year, I started a new tradition of buying fan-made charms at cons, starting at SacAnime Summer 2015. However, the past few cons I have attended I have not found any charms that really caught my interest and so I hadn't bought any. I was about to give up at WonderCon this year too, but I found these adorable charms of Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury by Complexwish on Sunday and snatched them! I love how detailed the charms are and even their lanyard is well made. 
[back of the charms by Complexwish]

The charms are reversible too! Again, such great detail, even on the back of the charms! I love it!

Well, that's all for now. Sorry for such a delay on the post! I have been having internet problems since around January and Comcast just came out and fixed it this week!

Monday, April 4, 2016

WonderCon 2016 - Day 3

Well, I did not attend WonderCon on Day 2, and that was quite alright with me! I caught up on some much needed rest and relaxed in LA! My partner, Agent Afronaut, spent the day going to panels and doing interviews, as he had a press badge. I did not have a press badge, so I would have been alone most of the day, had I went.
[myself as Spider Gwen with a Silk cosplayer]

Day 3 was the return of my Spider Gwen cosplay and also the retirement day. I am not sure how it happened, but by the end of the day just about every piece of my cosplay was ruined. I guess I socialized and webbed-out more than I thought I did, because when I went to change at my hotel I was shocked to see how my cosplay was so badly damaged! Oh, well. I had fun with it and I look forward to doing new things! 
[myself as Spider Gwen with Miles Morales & Silk cosplayers]

Some of the first amazing cosplayers I ran into happened to be near each other, so why not a group photo! Representing the Spider Verse: Gwen, Miles, and Cindy.
[myself as Spider Gwen with a Silk cosplayer]

So, Day 3 was mostly about socializing with other cosplayers and attendees. I took a lot of pictures and had a lot of fun! - I ran into the girl above who was holding down a table for an artist. Of course, we had to team-up for obvious reasons!
[with a Rapunzel cosplayer]

The girl above was so lovely to talk to, not to mention she had an amazing cosplay of the Rapunzel going on! I loved her hair, it's what made me stop her! She told me she didn't make the wig herself, but it still looks amazing on her!
[myself with Melody Wang aka Chukairi]

I always make time for friends! I had to say goodbye to Melody, but I will see her at Fanime in May. (I'll see you there too if you attend!) She had a very busy WonderCon, but of course she did since she has many admirers!
[myself with Heather Curfman]

Heather is the sweetest! Unfortunately, I'm not sure when the next time is that I'll see her, but I enjoyed spending time with her at WonderCon! She had a very successful con! She was comissioned to make some Spider Gwen covers and she did a perfect job! You should check them out
[myself with a Harley Quinn cosplayer from Prism Comics]

So, when passing the Prism Comics booth, this amazing Harley Quinn cosplayer stopped us and she was the PERFECT Harley! Not only does she actually look like Harley Quinn is suppose to, but her role play never quit! From her acting to her voice, she was spot on! She was also so sweet! - In the pic, I tried to look annoyed, but I failed! She was just too cute!
[myself with BB8]

On Day 1, I had taken a pic of myself with BB8 at the Funko/Bounty Hunters booth, but it didn't turn out so well. So, if at first you don't succeed, try again!

Well, I had loads of fun at WonderCon this year, but as I said before I liked it in Anaheim better. I'm looking forward to next year even though it will be a long journey for me as I am moving to New York this year. Oops! I guess I just let the secret out! Haha! Yes, I'm moving from California to New York! Talk about a change! I'll be attending Kraken Con next and a few other cons in California before I head out. Hope to see you there!